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Don’t Be That Annoying Buyer. Here’s How to Get On The Seller’s Bad Side Real Fast

Want to get on the sellers bad side? We didn't think so. Read on to find out how you can avoid being that annoying buyer that no seller will want to work with. sure to not do these things!

Not Showing Up For Appointments

A seller puts a lot of work into getting their home ready for a showing. They take the time to clear up everyday clutter, clean the home to make it shine and take the kids and pets and leave the house for a few hours so that potential buyers can have a peaceful tour of the home. Unless it is a truly last minute emergency, make sure you cancel hours, not minutes, before the appointment.

Making Yourself at Home..Too Early

Yes, it’s a home, but it’s not your home yet. Don’t assume you can turn up the heat or air-conditioner, unlock doors or let your kids jump on somebody else’s furniture. Sellers are permitted to set some ground rules and one that is very popular is “no shoes." If the sellers are not home, then it’s the responsibility of the agent to enforce the rules.

Picking at Every Flaw

Don’t make an issue out of something as small as the paint color or the carpeting. These are easy fixes. Your focus should be on bigger things such as the location or the light level.

Having an Entire Notepad of Issues

A long list of “what’s wrong” with the house is a big mistake. Sellers are more interested at the bottom line number. A better approach would be to write a list of comparables along with your offer and a personal letter introducing yourself and why you want the house.

 Wanting to Schedule Frequent Visits

This happens time and time again. Some buyers think that if they’ve committed to purchase, then they are entitled to accessing the home whenever they wish. This is the time when the sellers are trying to get the repairs done amongst packing and moving. The best time for a visit would be when the inspector is there or during the final walkthrough before closing.

Trying to Renegotiate

When a buyers agrees on a price but then repeatedly demands concessions and discounts, it can drive sellers nuts. Buyers need to realize that with an existing home, everything is not going to be perfect. Sometimes the buyer’s bank will send a letter to the seller stating that financing is conditional on a list of things that the borrower must do. This puts the sellers in a difficult situation as they are unaware of what’s on the list or how long it is. They are now unsure if they have a commitment and don’t know if they should go ahead and move or not.

Rushing the Closing Date 

Buyers are usually trying to time the closing of the purchase to their own schedule and this is extremely common. It can be annoying to the seller when the buyer wants to close before they are ready to move out. The closing date should work for all parties. The buyers and sellers need to coordinate a schedule, but still be respectful to each other. Check out this other article to tell you even more Buyer Habits That Annoy Real Estate Agents.

1 thought on “Don’t Be That Annoying Buyer. Here’s How to Get On The Seller’s Bad Side Real Fast

  1. Margaret Jackson

    Please don't try to schedule frequent visits to the house. Yes, everyone knows you are excited. But, bringing your designer in to measure windows, measure walls to see what size bed and headboard can fit, where you can fit nightstands, what size sofa. These things can wait. Yes, it is possible the seller will agree to let you continue to come over. Just know that they aren't happy about it, and truly, its disrespectful.


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